Yuletide Swing and That Christmas Thing

by The Van Bloom Brothers

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released December 24, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Come Fly With Me
Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away
So we can cruise, while the children snooze
Through the night up in the sleigh
Come fly with me this Christmas holiday

Come fly with me, let’s float down chimneys too
I’m the big red man, presents in my hand
Down the chute with loot for you
Come fly with me, let’s fly the whole night through

Once I get you up there
We’ll have a reindeer guide
We’ll just glide
In Yuletide

Once I get you up there
I’ll put down the landing gear
You may hear
Hey reindeer! Whoo back the tether.

Weather-wise it’s looking a bit grey
I could use some beer, and a biscuit here
And the deer could use some hay
There’s the perfect roof to land on in a storm, they say
Come fly with me, let’s land, let’s land the sleigh.

Once I get you in there
Down the chimney ride
We must hide
From peeking eyes

Once we see the tree there
I’ll say “Put the prezzies here
Nice and clear”
Now disappear, light as a feather

Pull the leather reigns, lets fly out on the sleigh
“Ho ho” I heard, now twice, now a third
“Ho Ho Ho” through the airways
It’s a perfect for a Yuletide kind of tune they say
Come fly with me now it’s Christmas…
Now it is Christmas Day!
Track Name: New Pork, Old Fork
Start buying the booze
And do not delay
I want to pop the top of it
Uncork, uncork

These honey cashews
A lovely entrée
It’s Christmas time and I love it
Uncork, uncork

I want to wake up nice and early
And take a peep
And find there’s hundreds of gifts
Piled up in a heap

These little fondues
Are melting away
Bring out the antique silverware
The old two forks

If I can’t find a chair
I’ll sit down, anywhere
Bring out the food,
New pork, old fork

New pork, old fork
I want to wake up after drinking myself to sleep
And find it’s only just 1, lunch I’ve not missed
I’ll eat until, I am quite done

These little menus
Are tasty they say
I’m gonna make an a la carte of it
Old fork, new pork

And if I can’t find a chair
I’m gonna sit down, anywhere
Bring out the food,
New pork, old fork
Track Name: Shriek to Creek
Revvin’, I am revvin’
Just so I can beat the traffic, beat the peak
So that I can buy the present that I seek
Because Christmas day is just over a week

Kevin, my mate Kevin
Reckons he can get me mates rates on antique..
Silver that my mum will love, something unique
So that she can try and polish out the streaks

Oh I’m swerving down the mountain
And I’m speeding through the streets
Just so I can make it there on time
And it’s Kevin that I’ll meet

Because if his boss is working
Well we’ll have to be discrete
Or Kevin may just lose his job
And I’ll never get that antique

Our Christmas tree,
Would look bare it’s true
No gift to undo
This is what I must do

So I am revvin’, I am revvin’
Runnin’ reds and turnin’ heads I hear the shriek!
Of my tires as I drive into a creek
I guess the roads weren’t made for my driving technique

The police arrest me
They say “we tried to pursue.
Now some good it will do
If we lock you up a night or two”

(I’m down) to seven, now just seven
Days for me to put something under the tree
And I’m hopeful a new idea comes to me
When we go out together shoppin’
Out together shoppin’
We’ll go out together shoppin’ when I’m released
Track Name: Pay Day
And now, the end of year
And so I grace the bar I’m certain
With friends, I’ll grab a beer
Each Christmas Eve, I’m at the Curtin

I’ll drink, until I’m full
Then travel home, cab down the highway
In sore, sore headed bliss
I’ll wake up Christmas day

Regrets, I’ll have a few
My drunken chats, can cause some tension
I said, what I assumed true
To upset you was not my intention

I’d planned, just three or four
A few good friends, a yuletide soiree
But then, started a tab
Because it was payday

Yes there were times, I’m sure you knew
When I spent lots more than I had to
But through it all, when there was doubt
I cried out loud, “Must be my shout”
I paid it all, I don’t recall
Because it was payday

A scotch, a draught, a dry
I’ve had my fill, my share of boozing
And now, here comes my ride
I’m going home for some snoozing

Put on, my Santa hat
This holiday, not in a shy way
And snore, snore through the night
Wake up Christmas Day

For what is a man? What has he got?
No Christmas spirit, then he has naught
Don’t you dare sing, “Santa’s not real”
The joy he brings, I can’t conceal
Let the lights glow, play in the snow
Bring on Christmas Day

Merry Christmas Day